How We Track Hours

We track hours by having our tutors submit a form every time a session is complete which will include information upon each session. A tutor must provide the date, time, and background information about each session that had taken place in order to receive credit. Our management team will then inspect each form submitted and update the chart below. Management hours are the total amount of time spent scheduling meetings, training and recruiting tutors, and updating the site.

Total Tutoring Hours:

Michael Wen -121.25  hours

Ryan Chan - 19 hours

Alexandra Yu - 12 hours

Mia Bolonick - 1 hour

Maya Martono - 8.5 hours

Matthew Wen - 13 hours

Zoya Acuna - 1 hour

Gabbie Moon - 5 hours

Cooper Ciruli - 7 hours

Alex Megibow - 5 hours

Michael Olson - 28.5 hours

Josh Blaj - 2 hours

Paige Towery - 2 hours

josh fordlorn-2 hours

Wiley Winkler-15 hours

Ethan Cho - 3 hours

Jerry Xu - 3 hours