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What do we tutor?

Our tutors are excelling students who are looking to spread their love of learning with younger peers, and help them reach academic excellence.  

We are looking for passionate middle school students who are looking to learn about entrepreneurship and become junior tutors


Can’t figure out where to put the comma? Mixing up adjectives and adverbs? Tutors at Lamorinda Peer Tutors offer expert help with English! Whether you are struggling with grammar, need assistance analyzing a passage, or want to improve your reading skills, come to us for help!


你好!Whether you are just starting out and need help with pronunciation or are fluent and just need someone to practice with, Lamorinda Peer Tutors is here to help you hone and master your Mandarin skills. By watching Mandarin videos, listening and reading Mandarin stories, and practicing with a live tutor, your Mandarin skills will exponentially improve!


Coding may seem difficult with all the strange words and functions, but we can help! Whether you want to start making your own game or need help with schoolwork, our tutors are here to offer the support you need. With tutors in Javascript and python you will be cracking the coding code in no time!


Want to impress your family and friends with gourmet desserts? Interested in making a five course meal? Lamorinda Peer Tutoring can help you there! With tutors who can teach you to cook recipes from around the world, you will be starring on Master Chef before your know it!


Chemical reactions frying your brain? Getting lost in the periodic table of elements? Lamorinda Peer tutors is here to help. Whether you are studying for a test or have a question about an experiment of your own, our tutors offer live advice and help to cement those facts into your brain!


Stuck on a graphing problem? Can’t divide fractions? Never fear, Lamorinda Peer Tutoring is here! Whether you or your child are having trouble with mathematical exercises, Lamorinda Peer Tutoring can help! We offer math help in a variety of areas, from elementary school math to high school math so you or your child will pass math class with flying colors!


¡Hola! Struggling with conjugations? Can’t pronounce words? We’ve got you! Lamorinda Peer Tutors offers help to students trying to learn Spanish. Using a variety of tools like Spanish videos, Spanish songs, and Spanish stories, you will be speaking like a native in no time!


Love doodling in class but can't seem to draw what you want the right way? At Lamorinda Peer Tutors, our tutors will help you improve and hone your artistic skills. Whether you want to draw abstract, realistic, or anything that pops into your mind, we've got you! By teaching techniques and practicing basics, your child will become an art master!

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